tango fantasy

tango fantasy
1. Piazzolla Libertango
2. Stravinsky Tango (1918) from Histoire du Soldat
3. Stravinsky Tango (1940)
4. Wolpe Tango (1927)
5. Albeniz Tango Op 165 No 2 (1890) from Espana
6. Soler Sonata No 45 in G
7. Soler Sonata No 47 in Dorian Mode
8. Soler Sonata No 62 in C
9. Teinsuu Fantango (1984)
10. Rojko Alien-Tango (1994)
11. Cage Perpetual Tango (1984)
12. Satie La Tango perpetuel (1914) from sports et divertissements
13. Ishii Tango Prism Op 73 (1987)
14. Klein Essereizi (1980)
15. Piazzolla SVP (s'il vous plait)

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stefan hussong: accordion
[denon: CO-78841]

musician: stefan hussong
label: denon
release date: 1995
genres: contemporary, tango
composer: antonio soler, astor piazzolla, erik satie, igor stravinsky, isaac albeniz, john cage, jukka tiensuu, lothar klein, maki ishii, stefan wolpe, uros rojko

Album Reviews

... In one wonderful recording Hussong shows the world the tonal range and musical possibility of the accordion with the Tango as his vehicle ...

Thomas Fabinski, The Free-Reed Review