across the veiled distances

across the veiled distances
1. across the veiled distances
2. dindle
3. imaginary garden V (renewed at every glance)
4. entends, entends le passé qui marche ...
5. o som do desassossego reflection on recollection

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music by Hope Lee

Stefan Hussong, Yumiko Meguri

Release Date: November 8, 2019
Duration: 00:58:56
Label: Centrediscs

‘across the veiled distances’ presents Canadian composer Hope Lee’s piano compositions from the past four decades (1979-2017). This new recording features Japanese pianist Yumiko Meguri, and German accordionist Stefan Hussong. Both musicians are contemporary music interpreters extraordinaire: Yumiko Meguri has released more than 20 albums, ranging from Western classical to contemporary music and jazz; Stefan Hussong, having over 100 works written for him, is recognized internationally as a most acclaimed interpreter and recording artist of music of our time.

Musical gestures and traditions migrate from one culture to another, from the past to the present, enriching the artistic practice of our time. In the music of Hope Lee, subtle sonic transformation via meaningful gestures is an essential aspect in her musical sensibility and expression. A fascination with the nuances of timbre — variety of touch, articulation and gesture — links the aesthetics of ancient Chinese music with current contemporary music performance practice. This new album is a significant milestone of a long-lasting collaboration between a composer and two most inspiring and dedicated musicians, a celebration of shared musical values and passion across time and distance.

musician: hope lee
label: centrediscs
genre: contemporary